stomptrap large – bundle of 2


  • Bundle of 2 stomptrap® large
  • No more Velcro under your pedal.
  • Suitable for many large guitar effects units: Fender®, EHX®, MXR®, …
  • Takes up no space, as only the area under the side connectors is used.
  • Can be connected with all common pedalboards (Velcro). Optionally it can be screwed in place.
  • Matching Velcro strips, screws and rubber feet included.

stomptrap® large serves as an adapter between your pedal and your pedalboard, so you no longer have to stick Velcro directly under your effect device. For pedals with thick rubber feet or battery lid (e.g. RAT) this is not possible anyway.

stomptrap® can be screwed, sticked to existing pedalboards with velcro or used stand-alone with rubber feet (velcro pads and rubber feet included).

stomptrap® large can be combined with many large effect pedals:

  • Electro Harmonix®
  • Fender®
  • ProCo®
  • and many more

One bundle contains 2 stomptrap® large

footprint: 100mm x 112mm
For pedals with a width of 89mm – 95mm

Indestructible stainless steel, handmade in Germany

Weight 0,400 kg
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