stomptrap regular – bundle of 3


  • Bundle of 3 stomptrap regular
  • No more Velcro under your pedal.
  • Suitable for almost all medium-sized guitar effect devices: Ibanez®, BOSS®, EHX®, MXR®, …
  • Does not take up any space, as only the area under the side plugs is used.
  • Can be combined with most common pedalboards (velcro). As a option, stomptrap can also be screwed.
  • Matching Velcro strips, screws and rubber feet included.

Delivery time: 6 days

stomptrap® regular serves as an adapter between your pedal and your pedalboard, so you don’t have to stick Velcro directly under your effect device. For pedals with rubber underside (e.g. BOSS), this is not possible anyway.

stomptrap® can be screwed, stick to pedalboards with Velcro or used as standalone with rubber feet (Velcro pads and rubber feet included).

stomptrap® can be combined with the most common effect devices:

  • Ibanez®
  • BOSS®
  • Xotic®
  • MXR®
  • Electro Harmonix®
  • Lovepedal®
  • TC Electronic®
  • and many others

Base area: 72mm x 118mm
For pedals with a width of 61mm – 66mm

Indestructible, stainless steel, handmade in Germany

Weight 0.499 kg
Dimensions 96 × 56 cm
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